Does Your Dog Love You?

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    Would you ever leave your dinner unattended near your dog?

    • No, that would be really stupid
    • Yes. They wouldn’t dare eat it
    • Maybe for 2 minutes
    • Not after last time
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    What happens when you tickle your dog behind the ears?

    • They nuzzle into your hand
    • They let you do it for a while and then get bored
    • Your dog looks confused and wanders off
    • They jump about
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    What’s your dog’s favorite thing ever?

    • Playing fetch in the park
    • Sleeping
    • Biting furniture
    • Biting furniture
    • Sitting on your lap watching TV
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    What does your dog want to eat for dinner?

    • Dog treats
    • Food from it’s dog bowl
    • Clumps of grass and mud from the garden
    • Whatever YOU’RE eating
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    What’s the most annoying thing your dog does?

    • Eat your homework
    • Fart and blame it on you
    • Bark at everyone
    • Jump all over your bedroom and make a mess
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    Have you ever tried to dress your dog up in silly outfits? What happened?

    • They had a great time wearing that top hat and refused to take it off
    • You got a few good photos but they got annoyed pretty quickly
    • They weren’t having any of it
    • You acted out a whole scene from Star Wars together
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    Does your dog like other dogs?

    • They like sniffing other dogs bums but that’s about it
    • Your dog prefers other dogs to humans
    • Your dog just wants to be left alone
    • Not really. They prefer you
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    Which of these does your dog do most?

    • Panting
    • Growling
    • Barking
    • Yipping
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    What would your dog’s ideal birthday party be like?

    • A huge pile of bones and a long walk
    • A relaxing day sleeping on the sofa
    • Playing with other dogs
    • Running about and getting their back scratched
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    How does your dog let you know when they’re hungry?

    • By running in circles around you while you’re carrying plates of food
    • By barking at their food bowl
    • By staring at you in a really scary way
    • By standing on their back legs and smiling at you
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    Your dog loves you! …But that doesn’t mean they don’t get annoyed with you sometimes. They’re very patient though, and never snap or complain, even when you make them pose for silly pictures. Good dog!

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