How Much You Should Walk Every Day to Start Losing Weight

Keep in mind that your paces are uneven and can vary from a foot to a yard. To count your pace length, measure a distance of 10 to 20 meters, and cover it at your usual pace while counting steps. Divide the distance in centimeters (1,000 or 2,000) by the number of steps you’ve made.

.Less than 70 paces/min

For a healthy person, such a pace has next to no training effect. It’s recommended for people recovering froma heart attack or suffering from severe angina.

.71-90 paces/min, 3-4 km/h

Recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases.

.91-110 paces/min, 4-5 km/h

A good load for your body that’s suitable for any healthy person.

.111-130 paces/min

A great exercise for your body, but even healthy people have difficulty maintaining such a pace for a long time.

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